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Download Alpha for Windows
11.6 MB · Download · Run Lokinet.exe
Download Alpha for macOS
3 MB · Unzip · Run Lokinet installer
Download Alpha for Linux 64bit
1 MB · Download · Install
Install instructions
Windows, Linux, Mac supported
Install instructions
Windows, Linux, Mac supported

Read the Lokinet Alpha Testing Guide

Warning: Lokinet is currently in the early stages of development and at times the binaries may not function as intended.
If you are having troubles with the binaries or building from source, come ask for some help in our Discord.


All data that travels through Lokinet is encrypted and bounced through multiple nodes hiding the true origin.


Using the Loki coin provides optional upgrades, but the core of Lokinet is free.

Loki coin features


Routing in Lokinet doesn’t rely on any single server making it resilient to attack

Lokinet routing


Internet service providers can’t block access to your websites on Lokinet.


The router list in Lokinet is held on a blockchain. Users can always verify the network state.

Onion routing

Unlike a VPN you don’t need to trust a single server since Lokinet uses onion routing.

How does it work?

cross platform

Supports any modern browser on Windows, Linux & Mac platforms.


Lokinet has an inherent market-based Sybil resistance model.

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Why use Lokinet over other networks?

Find all the answers to your questions.

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Open Source

Lokinet is fully open source, meaning anyone can contribute.

See our Repository

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